I choose hot, always! When people mention Caribbean, it refers to the region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, numerous islands within the area and the adjacent coasts. The Islands have a mixed influence and boasts of unique native influences. This includes, Indian, Spanish and Mexican. Home to reggae, Rasta, jazz, pop, white sandy beaches and warm waters, a Caribbean vacation proves to be popular amongst tourists. Apart from its cultural diversity Caribbean vacations prove to be a perfect blend of a rustic, wild and adventurous experience.

Apart from flight and cruise reservations, Caribbean vacation travel plans include other travel needs. Numerous undiscovered beaches, rainforests, diving locations and Caribbean cruises form the crux of Caribbean vacation travel. Tourists may opt for travel packages that offer a wide range of adventure sports. Numerous travel plans include introductory Scuba lessons and other water sports that are conducted by resorts and hotels. Caribbean vacation travel deals may be all inclusive packages or regular offers. It is possible to make direct reservations by contacting a selected hotel or resorts. Others may choose to hire travel agents who can plan and organize a Caribbean vacation from start to end for a service fee.

Caribbean vacations could revolve around secluded beaches, natural reserves and fun filled pubs and discos. Others may plan to enjoy snorkeling and tours of colorful and vibrant coral reefs. Before venturing out, tourists need to be attentive towards basic necessities of a Caribbean vacation. This information is widely available in guides, reviews and vacations tips provided by reputed tour operators and tourists. This includes passport and visa validation, currency usage, embassies and consulate specifications, time zone variations and acceptance of traveler’s checks and credit cards. Caribbean travels plans are widely advertised online and through travel specials and deals. A continuous inflow of tourists proves to be a major source of revenue for the Caribbean government and considerable care is taken to safeguard the interest of travellers. Here’s a great resource showing some places that are safe for travellers to visit – safest destinations in the Caribbean.